3 different Skitch edition

I believe Skitch is one of the best screen capture program on Mac and lot’s of Mac user love it. But recently something which is very confusing , because there is 3 edition of Skitch available, let me share with you the difference between this 3 edition.

  1. Skitch lite – the standard edition that we download from the official site.
  2. Skitch Plus – this is the pro edition which include cloud services, beta user have received pro edition for free one year , $19.95 per year.
  3. Skitch on Mac Store – this is the one which you download from Mac App Store , it cost $9.99. This edition has some other feature then the lite edition but exclude the cloud services.

This is a chart that I found which clearly show the features of each edition, this should help you to decide which edition to get.

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