Google Apps Free is changing the user limit

Lot’s of user I know now day don’t host up email services for their own domain on their own server, because of few things:

  • It take some resources to run full suite email services , if you having a small VPS, you don’t want to waste the resources on this.
  • If you have email serves to prevent spam , you most likely need to install spam fighting service , this going to take some resources again.
  • There quite a few email services in the market which working well with hosting control panel, but if you has used Gmail for some time, you might prepare the Gmail UI then those email services.

So what’s the solutions for these user ? using the Google Apps Free. Without spending single cent, you are allowed to host your domain email services on Google for up to 50 users, this is pretty much for some of SME/Freelancers and don’t some of the added services like Google Calendar and Google Sites which you can use between your domain users.

But sadly I just got an email from Google Apps Team few day ago , they going to change the user limit for free account, from 50 users to 10 users , but this doesn’t apply the existing Google Apps users which register before 10th May 2011.

So If you still considering Google Apps Free , register now before 10th May 20011 or else you might just need to subscribe to Google Apps Business a bit earlier.

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