How i using Nambu to improve my tweets reading

One of my major problem on twitter is reading all the tweets, i prefer to read the tweets just like how i read my google reader feeds, group different source under common topic and read topic by topic. Eventbox is one of the application that i nearly buy it since it able to meet some of my requirement,  but i find out a better way to use Nambu which are currently my main tweets reader at home.


So the main reason i stick on Nambu is because the group feature and remove seen feature. So these are my work flow

  1. Split most of the user into different topic group ( i did the same thing for my google reader feed )
  2. When i want to read some tweets, i read in the topic focus group first.
  3. When i finish reading the group  or i find it most of the tweets are boring, i just make all tweets as seen.
  4. After i go through some of the group , i can go to the home folder and click on remove seen messages button, what you read just now in other group will be hide immediately, the remaining tweets in home will be those without grouping , or with group but yet to read.
  5. i find that using this way i can filter most of my tweets faster.

lets say today you just want to ignore one particular topic , this is quite a good way to filter out those tweets. Share with me if you have any good tips.

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