Rework Labs Report Jan & Feb 2016

Late again for the monthly post, I been busy to build an MVP for a startup recently. The good part is the project help me to focus; I feel a bit lost recently and can’t focus to work on my product. The bad part is I feel kind of exhausted these days because of the tight schedule.

When I busy with the project, all my habits plan has been lost track, it seem like going to do a reboot soon once the project live so that I can back on proper monitor my habits plan again.

I was going to check what I wrote last month and realise I didn’t writing anything for January too, So I going to do a 2-month report this round.

So what happen for the past 2 month ?

Freelance – Doing all kind of small task until end Feb, take up a project to help a startup build a MVP.

Enquiry – 3 enquiry so far, 1 has turn into a confirm project and there other 2 suddenly stop respond.

Products – I trying to go through my ideas and doing some planning for my products plan, give up some of the ideas which almost want to launch but seem like hard to scale at my current situation. Hopefully I can put my full focus on it once the current project completed.

Internal – Clean up my Webfaction cloud server and move back to Digital Ocean, I still prefer bare VPS then control panel. Doing lots of the server reload too for the new PHP 7, HHVM and MariaDB setup

It’s kind of upset when I look back for what I done the past 2 months, I was like so confident during end of last year and decided to focus on my product this year, but after 2 month there are still no result and I have taken another freelance work. The most difficult part is to ship the product and I really hope this month I can kick something on.

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