Bugsnag price change

Bugsnag is a SAAS, which helps you to collect error of your application. I have been using Bugsnag since last year when I develop one of the Laravel based Application. During that time since Bugsnag recommends by lots of Laravel developer, so no doubt it becomes first choice when I develop something major.

Bugsnag serves me well so when I plan to use it on my other projects; I choose the paid upgrade, which is not priced friendly toward single developer, during that time their cheaper plan is $29 for 5 user. So i ask it on twitter during Aug 2015 and Bugsnag reply that they are considering something more affordable for solo developer.

So last week when I doing my monthly saas budgeting again, I saw the new Bugsnag new plan, yup finally I can downgrade to a $9 plan but lots of thing going to miss out. The same 5 user plan which I paying $29 now is going to be $95 after the price change. I not really sure does it really justify my usage, since I mostly use it to track error, but for now I guess downgrade to the cheapest plan is my best option.

Price change like this is quite drastic, for sure is going to face lots of back slash from the users. I wonder what’s the rational behind of this change, is it charging too low at first ? or just the new release version justify the price increase ?


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