32 is 2 year after 30.

This should be a post dedicated for myself on my bday, it’s kind of late to post now but with the modify date feature, let’s just assume this was posted during May. I think since 30 I didn’t have any post for myself during my bday, the last one was during 29.

I guess now day I don’t really celebrate birthday but most likely I will try to get one gadget/software/game for myself , this year my lovely wife sponsor me some birthday credit, most likely I will be getting the new iPad, but maybe after the WWDC , I would like to see will there be anything happen that change my mind.

Since my birthday is almost mid of the year, I would like to use it to review , how was I did for the first half of the year ? I don’t really  started much of my 2012 resolution, but one thing for sure, my freelance business is doing well this year, I can finally remove the “never” from “It’s 2012 or never“.

I guess 32 should be a unique number for me , since I m getting official married this year and my business growth nicely this year, hopefully more good thing coming along.

p/s bday stand for Birthday, I call it this way for long time.

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