Rework Labs Report June 2014

I been busy for the whole day and finally I have some “me” time now,  I should be churning out some code or doing a migration, but I choose to write down some thought, it’s almost 2/3 month past, i should blog about the June report. Remember I mention about this in the last post, everything might just happen in second half of the year, yes it really happen, at least I should be able to meet my sales goal this year.

So what happen this month ?

Freelance – Start a new Laravel project for membership system and a WordPress project which will involved contest submission.

Enquiry & Deal – 5 enquiry  , 3 confirm , 1 cancel and 1 pending.

Business – I thought I can complete 3 side project but in the end , I only completed 0.5, lesson learn.

Project – Completed the first version Besnappy Plugin , this is the 0.5 that I mention.


  • using Laravel forge on Linode & Digital ocean.
  • using Laravel Homestead on my laptop, still prefer using homebrew setup php on my deskop.
  • trying to sync btw Trello and Todoist a bit messy, need to find a better way to handle this.
  • Setup Github Organization account for Rework Labs
  • Start using wplic for local wordpress development


  • testing Make Themes
  • testing Divi
  • it seem like more page builder for WordPress suddenly.
  • bought velocity but regret.

June was have a slow start at first but suddenly lots of enquiry to deal with and running around to meet up client, in the end I pass by June without fully complete any side project, for the next few month it should be extreme busy, I should work hard to complete at least 1 side project every month.

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