Rework Labs Report May 2014

My birthday month has been passed just like that and now I m on the last month of the first half of 2014 , I m a little bit nervous seem like lots of thing didn’t really meet the goal but at the same time I feel it might be just like last year , everything happen on the second half of the year, but yeah I think I need to push myself harder and to be more focus of what I want to do.

So what happen this month ?

Freelance – rebuild project with Laravel is almost the end, completed a landing page + WordPress project for a client and a few smaller WordPress job.

Enquiry & Deal – total 3 enquiry , 1 rejected 1 pending and 1 confirm.

Business – more planning has been done , still no outcome yet but the bigger direction has been set, at least I need to ship 3 things for June, hopefully all can be done.

Internal –

  • Company email now back to Google App, it seem like i m use to how Gmail work, fastmail might just use it for other misc email for now.
  • DNSimple service cancel and move all my dns back to Linode , since I need to use another Linode VPS.
  • I did more planning on Trello for the projects I plan to do and sync all the task over to Todoist , planning to see will this method improve my productivity or not.

Interesting –

  • Bought the Appsumo promo on Velocity , should be able to help for crafting some landing page.
  • Homestead and Forge being release during Laracon.
  • Try out Laravel Forge and bought the subscription, it is something that I can use and at the same time show my support to Laravel.
  • Did some benchmark on VPS which setup by Forge vs Serverpilot.
  • First time my credit card hit by fraud and it’s woothemes related.

May seem like a low productivity month , a few goal I have set but didn’t really hit and now all are pushing to this month, my original idea was to start some mobile app on June, I guess everything will be delay again , I only hope to release a mobile app before I renew my developer license this year.

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  • Alina Vrabie

    Planning in Trello and then syncing tasks to Todoist sounds like a pain! Why are you looking to do that?

  • Philip

    Did you ever post the benchmark ServerPilot vs Forge?
    I am wondering what is your take on SP vs Forge? I believe ServerPilot keeps the server updated where Forge doesn’t.


    • Hi Philip,
      base on my limited testing, it seem Forge take less memory then SP, but i think the testing is not really accurate and it depends on what you really going to run on forge.

      Yup, forge didn’t update the server, but forge already keep the server in best practice setup, you just need to manually update or configure the server auto update, which is something quite simple.

      If you running laravel based app, forge is the first choice, if you running WordPress or other php app, maybe SP is more suitable, ultimately it depends on what you going to run on it

      • Philip

        Thanks for quick reply. I am leaning towards ServerPilot for the same reason you mention. Primarily WordPreas sites. Also just looking into CloudWays. Seems smart too for managing DO servers but aggressive caching which sometimes does more harm than good.