Rework Labs Report May 2014

My birthday month has been passed just like that and now I m on the last month of the first half of 2014 , I m a little bit nervous seem like lots of thing didn’t really meet the goal but at the same time I feel it might be just like last year , everything happen on the second half of the year, but yeah I think I need to push myself harder and to be more focus of what I want to do.

So what happen this month ?

Freelance – rebuild project with Laravel is almost the end, completed a landing page + WordPress project for a client and a few smaller WordPress job.

Enquiry & Deal – total 3 enquiry , 1 rejected 1 pending and 1 confirm.

Business – more planning has been done , still no outcome yet but the bigger direction has been set, at least I need to ship 3 things for June, hopefully all can be done.

Internal –

  • Company email now back to Google App, it seem like i m use to how Gmail work, fastmail might just use it for other misc email for now.
  • DNSimple service cancel and move all my dns back to Linode , since I need to use another Linode VPS.
  • I did more planning on Trello for the projects I plan to do and sync all the task over to Todoist , planning to see will this method improve my productivity or not.

Interesting –

  • Bought the Appsumo promo on Velocity , should be able to help for crafting some landing page.
  • Homestead and Forge being release during Laracon.
  • Try out Laravel Forge and bought the subscription, it is something that I can use and at the same time show my support to Laravel.
  • Did some benchmark on VPS which setup by Forge vs Serverpilot.
  • First time my credit card hit by fraud and it’s woothemes related.

May seem like a low productivity month , a few goal I have set but didn’t really hit and now all are pushing to this month, my original idea was to start some mobile app on June, I guess everything will be delay again , I only hope to release a mobile app before I renew my developer license this year.

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