Why I choose Asana over Basecamp

I been using Asana with team for the past 1 year , we original using Trello, but find it hard to manage when you multiple project, so we migrated to Asana, for the past 1 year Asana has been serve us well , the only thing I don’t like is without text / wiki feature.

So beginning of 2015, I was thinking why not we migrate over to Basecamp ? it’s one of the famous project management tools and the copy writing on the site is really convincing and I always heard that good thing about it on twitter, so I make a huge mistake without more testing, I want to migrate everything over to Basecamp.

When I migrate or copy paste everything from Asana , I feel excited at the beginning with all the fancy interface, but after running through 1 project on it, I reliase it doesn’t really suit us and the huge mistake is without proper testing through, I was the effort and do all the migration.

So what are the things I don’t like about Basecamp and rather stay with Asana ? Basecamp is rather a discussion oriented project management , while Asana is more a task oriented project management.


In Basecamp, everything is attach with discussion, every file, task, event all are come with discussion, so it is very conversation based, I for one a person that feel the whole things very messy when too much conversation flowing around , which is why when I run fully a project on it , I feel so messy, like the are so many discussion need to do be done and so many conversation flying around.


While in Asana , everything is task , task and task. if there is something need to discuss , just write it under the task , overview we are still looking at task, rather than focus on those conversation, which I find it really neat and more into it.

Yup, just this little thing make me turning back to Asana, but the take home lesson is, run some actual data on the web services you planning to migrate over, rather just based on all the buzz.


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