Mean it when you say it

Last week friday I have some bad experience on one of my favourite plugin – WP Rocket , it release a new feature for auto update some time ago and the first time it try to perform auto update and the result is the plugin auto turn off , you can imagine when a plugin that handle caching suddenly go off , ya some of the site was unable to visit.

As a developer, I m perfectlly understand this kind of things happen, but what important is how you handle after that ? in my thought is WP Rocket should immediately send out email to all their user , because this is something potential to bring down the site, isn’t this something you should notify your user in the first place once you find out ?

So I tweeted and make my suggestion , but there are no reply from them , well ok at least I did suggest.

then just yesterday , WP Rocket release a post  Transparency matters  – “we’ve decided that we have absolutely nothing to hide” ,  I was like you never tell your user about what happen and you are still daring to make a claim like this ? So I tweeted again

this time they reply and after they reply I receive the email mention about this issue and mention about the new version is upcoming, what’s the best part ? the comment I leave they are still hide it, don’t think they going to approve.


Nothing to hide my ass , do it if you claim so , if you can’t do it , don’t mention it.

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