Rework Labs Report January 2015

It’s the first report for 2015 and I have plan to change how this report work , I hope the new format not only remind what I have done also server as a goal tracker to myself. One of the blog that I like recently is having a huge tracker on top , to monitor their way to $500k a month.

So January normally is a bit slow for me, I think one of the major reason is have to recover from all sort of holidays and event, when you sit down there, you feel like the holidays mood, can’t really focus to do any productive work, lucky by end of Jan I start feel the engine started again.

I have set 2 task for January but both has been delayed.

  • reboot rework labs website – because has been 2 year never change the template.
  • track and note down everything in the company – everything need to be measure so can be compare.

by the time i writing this post I have done the 2nd task , hopefully the first task will be completed by this weekend so that it won’t affect my February task.

Some other things that I have done in January

  • replace On The Job  with Totals – I been using On The Job since I started my biz and not much update for the past few year, I guess is time to change.
  • trying to migrate over Basecamp , but in the end stay with Asana.
  • consolidate hosting – remove some smaller instance and combine on a bigger instance, save cost !
  • start using Rescuetime to track my time , when there is something to measure, you can act on it.

I have finalize the tools with my partner too, we going to use Asana, Slack and Google Doc, to keep it lean and simple , original I was struggle between choices and want to use more fancy services, glad that having a partner to talk to solve these burden.

Lastly just last night I have set a mini goal for Rework Labs, it should serve as milestone for our new direction for this year too, I would like to have products + service sales ( exclude freelance ) on X amount by July. Fighting !

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