My apple care incident

I bought a Macbook air last year , as usual I thought of extend the Apple care before the first year warranty ended, I nearly can’t extend it because it has been overdue, but in the end after went through the Apple Support , finally I get to fix it.

So what happen is I remember I got my Macbook air end of January in 2014, so I assume the warranty should be end in end of January this year too , but when I check one week before end of Jan , I realise it already expired , why ? because the warranty is based on the purchased date , not the delivery date , although it delivery to me end of Jan but I place the order during mid of Jan.

Beside I remember that this reminder that someone actually contact me before my iMac warranty is expired , it seem like now day there are no more service like this, I guess it’s pretty easy to miss it , if you never pay attention on things like this.

So what i do is first contact the Apple support online, after some quick talk with the support, they schedule a call on the next day for their Agreement Department to call me. On next day someone call me first to verify all the details, then pass me to another person who going to help me through the whole process, in the end they agree to make one time exception and send me a link to purchase in order to extend my apple care.

I consider this lucky because I manage to check on my warranty before the delivery date, having this 2 week grace period ( order date to delivery date) , it actually help to create a “reason” for them to make an exception case, if there is no excuse or any reason, I think it is tough to extend it.

Anyway happy with the outcome , 2 more year extend warranty added !

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