ScrnShots – flickr for screenshots

While i doing some research on flickr, i found scrnshots. I been consider renew my flickr subscription , one of the main reason i m thinking to use more image for my other blog and maybe one of the blog will be fully with screen shot only.

All these little idea lead me to scrnshots – a service that allow user sharing/posting/hosting their screenshot, a flickr which only have screenshots. I like the idea, in fact if today it have the feature/API/Pricing like flickr, i might just subscribe it, too bad it still quite new.

Currently it seem like the only way to upload is using the web form, i can’t find the so call apple widget on their front page. hmmm … i would say a interesting idea and because of this i found some other related service/apps which is interesting, think i will share it on other post.


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