ScrnShots – flickr for screenshots

While i doing some research on flickr, i found scrnshots. I been consider renew my flickr subscription , one of the main reason i m thinking to use more image for my other blog and maybe one of the blog will be fully with screen shot only.

All these little idea lead me to scrnshots – a service that allow user sharing/posting/hosting their screenshot, a flickr which only have screenshots. I like the idea, in fact if today it have the feature/API/Pricing like flickr, i might just subscribe it, too bad it still quite new.

Currently it seem like the only way to upload is using the web form, i can’t find the so call apple widget on their front page. hmmm … i would say a interesting idea and because of this i found some other related service/apps which is interesting, think i will share it on other post.


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  • Just thought I would let you know that our desktop software and API integration are both going to be released this Tuesday along with new search functionality.

    You are right in saying that we are a new service, and I don’t think that we can compare ourselves to Flickr yet (we’ve only been live for about 3 weeks), but we are working on lots of new features that will make the experience on better for taking and sharing your screenshots.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • sachin


    I guess this does the same job as apple widget (skitch) does but not a desktop application.. it’s a browser plugin for IE & FF (win only)

    and I think it’s a good pre-blogging research tool.

  • Knight

    Hi Sachin,

    thanks monkiri is in my list, will check on it as soon as possible

    Greg bell,

    sure i will keep track on scrnshots