Remember The Milk and Me

I think i never mention i become Remember The Milk Pro begining of May, why am i subscribe ? i think most of the people might just happy with the free membership, but i m slighly different

  1. to show my support, i been using RTM for sometime , it is a recommend web service
  2. to use the sync feature, it allow you to sync with windows mobile, iphone and blackblerry
  3. $25 for 1 year is consider cheap for all these feature include gmail n offline support

So far i m still trying to integrate this GTD tools closely with my life, the milksync feature actually allow sync the task to my windows mobile outlook task, i havent test it this way but i think by make use of milksync , it might allow me to do outlook <> Mobile Phone <> Remember the milk .

One of the recent post on their blog give you a better idea how to make use of their service with proper GTD style , i take some of the suggestion and use it on my own way, if you still looking for a todo list, give it a try.


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