Travel Related Site

Found some of these on the news paper, which i think its worth it to share

  • Airlines Meal – let you see what kind of meal serve on the plane
  • Airline Quality – Rating of each airline , suprisely MAS is one of the 5 star Quality Certified Airline
  • SeatGuru – show you all the seat in the plane and detail information about each seat condition
  • Flat Seats – information about flat seat on the plane
  • Airwise – information about each airport
  • AccuWeather – let you check your destination’s weather
  • Kropla – one stop information about eletric , plug and telephone guide for different country
  • Xe – currency converter website
  • Chowhound – people that sharing nice food around the world
  • Geektools – sharing hotel/place that provide internet connection
  • MapQuest – map service web site, in case you lost your way

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