My Flickr Pro Problem

I just did a renew of my flickr pro this morning, among so many gallery service, i think flickr are still the popular gallery service which having lots of external tools.

After i pay by paypal and doing some profile update , i realiase that i can’t change my flickr web address, it still using the address which is related to my old domain, i want to make it reflect the new domain ( imknight ) , after some research on the forum, the only way is create a new account , damn !

I make post on the forum, send in a support ticket , there are still no respone, it might be due to weekend ? i have stop the billing agreement on paypal but not sure is that stop the payment, argh! lets what will be the reply from flickr on monday.

How i wish that flickr is stand alone not a subset of Yahoo , i saw some post in the forum asking is there anyway to get refund if flickr fall under M$ ..

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