How many domain do you own ?

How many domain do you own and how many of these domain is not in use ? I just did some domain clean up and this question actually pop up. The reasons that i need to clean up these domain is because domain price will be increase again on oct again.

As usual before the actual price increase, my domain registrar will have some renewal promotion , this is the time i have to make decision which domain to keep and which to stop renewing,I currently have about 15 + domain, those that active and running something on it should be around 6 only, some of the domain i have register for few year thinking to build something on it but until today it still remain blank, some of the domain i build something before and its consider having some sort of memory on it, did a google on it can still some of the site still link on it, i really don’t know shall i drop it.

One of the good example is after i migrate from to, i m not sure shall i continue to renew to maintain the redirect? i have build some theme before which until now still pointing to it. There is one domain which i build for chinese blog community and even been report by some chinese news paper before, i also struggle shall i renew it or not.

Maybe just renew one more year ? if nothing going on these domain i shall drop it next year ?

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