Excel Connector

I was busy for a project that using salesforce last week, one of the interesting tool to manipulate your data in salesforce is excel connector.

By using this little addon on excel, you can add, delete, update your content, include any custom object that you build, this little tools can help administrator handle the data easily.

some of the tips of using excel connector:

  • put “new” in record id field to indicate this data is going to insert
  • if error during insert data and the error message is related “field security”, make sure that you don’t add in data for owner, created by, created time all these field will be generate by system and its not allow for you to override
  • one common problem is after you manipulate the data, you change the data type, field name of a field in salesforce , you might get error when you trying to retrieve data, just log off and login again the plugin on excel, this should get rid of the error.
  • if after log off and login again, getting error “duplicate field”, just find the field which is duplicate, delete that particular column and request table data.

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