My 5 way of using Dropbox

Dropbox is one of my favourite service and recently they have just increase their referral offer, I been getting a few referral from my Dropbox Guru post,  that’s why I m thinking to try my luck again. if you are still not convince by the idea gifting someone web service as present or you never think of become a Dropbox Guru , let me share with you the 5 way how I using Dropbox, maybe this will help to get you become a Dropbox member.

  • I using it to exchange file , it is faster than then transfer through Instant Messager, i have experience this when my wife is trying to transfer some file to me from Malaysia.
  • I using Xmind to create mind map and keep it in Dropbox, so that i can access it as long as my Xmind application installed , I understand using a web version mind map is a better case for this but i still can’t find an online mind map that suit my need.
  • I keeping my ebook/pdf file in Dropbox, so that i can read/view it every where.
  • I using Dropbox as a remote database for some of my mac application ( 1password, Macjournal , little snapper etc ).
  • I keep a copy of my development in Dropbox, some time the undelete and versioning feature save me a lot of trouble.

if you facing some of these problem , why not give Dropbox a try ? by using the link below , it actually help me and you gaining another 250MB.

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