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Frenzy – Dropbox based social network

I would say due to the success of Facebook , there are lots of people out there are trying their hand on “social network” concept , for public social network , no one can...


Dropbox Free Space Upgrade

If you become a Dropbox Guru and got the extra 250MB before, Dropbox just launch a new campaign which allow you to earn 6 x 128MB free space by completing another 6 simple steps....


My 5 way of using Dropbox

Dropbox is one of my favourite service and recently they have just increase their referral offer, I been getting a few referral from my Dropbox Guru post,  that’s why I m thinking to try...

5 web services as christmas gifts 0

5 web services as christmas gifts

It might be slightly late to blog about christmas gift choices, but if you still struggle what gift to buy,i hope this post is going to help.Since there are so many christmas gift recommendation post around, i going to post something different, this post will be Christmas gift choice of web services for your web savvy/geek friend.