Frenzy – Dropbox based social network

I would say due to the success of Facebook , there are lots of people out there are trying their hand on “social network” concept , for public social network , no one can really fight with Facebook for now , maybe Google Circles can , but we don’t know yet.

Other then Facebook, there are different social network aiming on different niche , today I just find out this Dropbox based social network – Frenzy. So what is Frenzy ? it allow you to connect with your friend which having access on your Dropbox shared folder. Example if I created a folder in my Dropbox account and share it with my friend for some file exchange purpose, if both of us are using Frenzy , then we can share message/url/files through Frenzy.

The developer that build Frenzy is the same guy that develop Dropzone , I guess this application won’t be stop development half way like some of the new mac application. One thing I would really like to find out is how to monetize this application and will Dropbox support of this ?

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