Mou , Markdown Editor for Web Developer

Markdown is quite common among Developer, the first thing pop in my mind is your git repo that store in Github, the read me file is markdown support.

What I like about markdown is the straight forward syntax and I believe it can really help to write fast , but the problem is I don’t always remember the syntax and I always need to toggle between the code view and live view just to make sure everything is correct is quite boring.

The markdown help file that showing during your first time starting the app

Few day ago , I need to prepare a read me file for one of the client, a plain text file just looks boring and it might not be able to highlight some of the key points, so I just give it a try on Mou and I really like it. The real-time display on the code you write allow me to instant spot any syntax error. When I finish the read me file just export as an html file and send it to client, simple and straight forward.

The Sample markdown Read me that I write

Mou , markdown editor for web developer is the slogan for this app and it really mean it, you can see quite a lot of web developer required feature included, compare to those general markdown editor.  The Developer  Chen Luo is the same person that build Smaller and Resize.

If you donated to Mou now, you will get the free license during 1.0 release , so I highly recommend you to support this application now , but please don’t try to take advantage on this, please reward the developer for his hard work.

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