Facebook Suspicious Account Access Alert

Still remember the Gawker Password leak that happen end of last year ? Yes , my account is in the list too and it happen that I m using the same password for my Facebook account, there are people who trying to get access to my Facebook account but they didn’t success.

Facebook actually send me an email to tell me that there are suspicious account access on my account and ask me to recover it, going through the step by step of account recovering  , it even show me the access is from where, I believe there is a tracking on where i Facebook normally and by using what browser etc, when the access pattern is very different , it will trigger access alert.

Anyway after this lesson , I have separate my access into a few group of password , the main email account which is most important should have a standalone password, don’t use any password that you been using to register all kind of web services out there, since this is the main account, all the web services will just send a request to your email for verify, so must keep this highly confidential.

Another ground of access is for account that have my personal identity , like Facebook, Twitter , Amazon, those have my personal info should have another set of password. Lastly the web services out there should have another set of password. I m middle of these changing process, some time I have to give it a few try to confirm which password I use for this, but I tink this really worth the effort.

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