Dropbox guru gain another 250MB free space

I just saw @dropbox tweet about their new design yesterday, decided to launch my browser and visit the web base dropbox which i seldom login, if is not because the tweet i might lost the chance to become a Dropbox guru.

While poking around the new interface i saw this tab call “Getting Started”, it show me a check list which i need to complete in order to become Dropbox Guru and what i miss is only the first step – “Take the Dropbox tour”. Once i completed the tour and become a Dropbox Guru , i find out that i have earn another 250MB space to my account.

The free basic plan is come with 2G space, you can refer friend and each friend will allow you to gain additional 250MB ( up to 3GB ) , of course if you can afford , their pro plan $9.99 for 50GB is a great bargain too.

If you havent become Dropbox guru and need a litttle more space, login your account and complete now, if you don’t have a dropbox account , you can use my refer link to register , so that both of us can gain the bonus space.


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