Its been sometime since i bought my last gadget ( bought K750i during xmas ) , recently trying to look for another portable device which allow me to go online and able to read rss, Origami , PSP and Palm TX appear in my consider list before .. ( nah notebook is too big .. )

so guess what i found when i shopping at Tangs yesterday ? Palm Life Drive , because of Palm 10 year Anniversary , it slash the price from $799 to $635, plus i still have a Tangs $100 boucher and getting my bonus soon … , Life Drive never appear in my list because of its expensive price, PSP and Palm TX is below $500 thats why i still consider them.

It might be wierd that i give up a treo600 but now getting another PDA ..

  • i want a stand alone phone device and a PDA not a mix , thats why i give up a smart phone
  • one device for 2 purpose is good but it sux up the battery life faster too
  • LifeDrive support wireless lan, which mean i can go online as long as there is WIFI ..
  • 4G memory which allow to bring quite a number of file with me
  • able to edit and view Microsoft office document

i just wonder will i using all the todo, calendar feature ? maybe find some solutions to syn with the online service that i use ? still thinking whether get this or not ..

Palm LifeDrive

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