Since my last post , i been stop blogging for nearly a month , geez this should be one of the longest break for this blog, anyway i m back , i wish that i can continue to do daily post ?

there are quite a few thing that keep me busy recently, 2 week ago i m busy with Chinese New Year.

1 week ago when i want to kick start and blog again ,  i been flood by work and my biological clock start acting wierd again , sleep at 1~2am and auto wake up on 7 pm .. , 1 week ago when i want to start again by doing some tweak

a few day ago when i about sit in front my mac and work up something but my ssh failure to connect to my vps , nothing serious and not really affect my blogging process but it just make me no mood to start.

So tonight onward, let’s hope i can keep up and blog daily.

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