Images migration for my blog

Finally i have completed the images migration for most of the image on my blog, this is one of the main task during this holiday season, i thought i can patch all the data within one day, at the end i spend about 3 and half day to complete it, argh ! i need to become more detail when doing patching.

Why am i thinking to do images migration in the first place ? flickr, for the past one year i have a flickr pro account, so most of my blog image is post from flickr, but now i m thinking to unsubscribe this service and to consolidate all the images under my own vps. But more issue appear after i start working on it.

  • domain issue, some of the image still pointing on old domain, in stead of current domain
  • plugin issue, i use quite a few image plugin before, some of the images path are incorrect
  • emotion icons issue, this is one of the feature with a WYSIWG editor plugin, although i have remove this plugin already, but all the emotion icons tag still remaining in the post content
  • need to replace flickr image path

the first thing is getting a new images plugin for this blog , after some testing and research , i decided to use NextGEN Gallery , i download the whole database and doing some analysis on local database.

  • what need to be patch ? going through all image tag and find out, is this my own flickr image ? or just a external link ? is this old domain image still available ?
  • how to patch ? just learn mysql replace function from work, no doubt i need to run a patching sql image by image base on different case
  • patching with new feature ? this is the last thing that wasted my whole morning, i forget to patch the images to make use of the new plugin features

Finally one of my biggest goal for this holidays done, i wonder how many more goal can i complete before starting of work ? Another goal which quite troublesome would be changing of this blog theme, i have a choose the theme already but it seem like a lot of rework need to be done.

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