Summary of 2006 Blogging Life

I been want to write a summary for the whole 2006 blogging life , too bad until now i just got time to complete this post.

  • Compare to 2005 – 401 post , 2006 i only have 305 post, its about 25% lesser
  • the last 2 month of 2006, its the lowest post count of the month for my entire blogging life ( exclude my first 2 month testing blogging life )
  • Staring of July 2006 , this blog showing adsense
  • I got my first adsense cheque after 4 month

I got different people to contact me through this blog in 2006

  • Someone that would like to use my themes and hire me to maintain and debug it
  • Someone contact me to write review for their product
  • Someone want to put ads on my blog
  • Someone warn me for not using proper term for their trademark
  • Someone ask me how i did some script, themes

These are the Top 10 post on my blog base on Popularity Contest Plugin

  1. The Lake House
  2. Web Messenger List
  3. Ms Firefox 2007 Professional Edition
  4. SuiteTwo Open Source Version
  5. The Last Gadgets of this year
  6. Getting Treo 680
  7. A cheque from google
  8. My Treo 680
  9. Maked Decision
  10. About Us – Domain Directory

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