VPS choice strike again

Recently decided to get a VPS again , i mention on it on my twitter and one of the friend actually twitter me how many VPS did you get for the past 6 month ? this should be my 7th VPS for this year ?

i have trial quite a few vps, so far none of them meet my need, one of the reason might be because i m in between beginner and advance user. if i m totally beginner, i might not notice things that the VPS host never did, if i m advance enough i can just solve those problem myself, even when i get managed vps i still having the same problem.

so 2 day ago i order a vps from zone.net, see quite some good review about them (+v) , they have server in LA, which give me a good ping (+v) , their server seem getting quite good performance on unixbenchmark (+v) and they are having promotion for managed vps + directadmin is cost about $52.

but after my order placed and i start having issue with one of the support there and i have reported to their GM and i m thinking to leave, ya i can make complaint about the staff but when my data all migrated over , what will happen ? if the staff not happy about my complaint, he just need to do something over my vps, i will be doom! anyway still waiting for the GM to investigate and see how it goes, but mostly i will stop using it.

a few choice is on my list now.


the so call green hosting which provide Solar Powered Hosting, i m thinking to make use of their hosting package but too bad they don’t provide ssh on webhosting package, they do have some good deal on their vps ( 384mb vps $21 / 512mb vps $25.19 + directadmin $10+ free mysql db on their dedicated mysql server) but their management service cost ($30) is a bit high to me.


one of the famous old player in the vps market, i trial theri vps before but due to semi-managed, at the end i didn’t use them, but now they are upgrade to provide full management. their vps package ( 320mb vps $40 + directadmin $5 + full management with 10% discount), california datacenter give me a good ping too. their reputation is quite good in WHT , some unixbenchmark that post by their user is extremely high also.


one of the new comer for the vps market, i trial their vps before, but we have some argument on certain support issue, so in the end i only stay for one month. So why am i looking at them again ? seriously to say after the incident they did try their best to do service recovery but i never take it ( i m stubborn sometime ) and it seem like quite a number of good review appear in WHT . Their vps package ( 640MB vps $33 + directadmin $7 + basic management ), their ping although is higher compare with the previous 2 vps provider, but still around 260ms, which i think should be ok.

One of the main attractive point on rockmyweb is their resourcement management , giving you dedicated resource, there are good and bad for this, but it seem more reasonable to me.

currently my final choice will be either knownhost or rockmyweb , while waiting a reply from zone.net, headache for my choice.

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