Self Host ? or Hosted ? for your blog post’s image

I have prepare some work for my long holidays, one of the things i been thinking about is shall i self host my blog post image ? or shall i use some hosted service ?

When i first started my blog, all the image that i post in my blog , is self host on the same hosting server, it does use up partial of your host bandwidth but at the same time, it bring you some visitors also.  After some time , i decided to use some hosted service for my blog post image and i subscribed Flickr

My reason getting hosted service is because

  • reduce my bandwidth usage
  • through flickr service might be able to bring in more traffic
  • no need to worry about hotlink
  • flexible, i can just make use the same image on different platform

Since i become flickr pro, half of my image is still self host ( no time to migrate ) and the other half is hosted by flickr. After one year, it’s almost time to renew my flickr service and i m trying to measure is there a need to renew ? just for this blog post purpose ? Google still bring in visitor for my self host image, but i not sure is flickr bring in extra traffic ?

some site that i found for reference

Share with me which method are you using and why ?

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