Kick start of 2008

It seem like a bit late, but this is my first post on year 2008 ,  it seem like i been disappear for quite a while, nope i never give up on blogging , just that i took a long break.

This blog without any post since 19th Dec , there are 2 random post on end of 2007 , until today 13th of Jan 2008 , it’s nearly one month break, i completed my new theme and kick start of my blog engine again.

There are quite a few thing that keep me busy , one of the reason is working on this theme and the other reason is i m busy playing World Of Warcraft again ,  yeah one of the hot MMORPG that i playing few year ago, until 30 min ago , i m 20% more experience to reach level 70, the max level of this game.

I think lots of post is pending in my mind, example like going through 2007 resolutions , prepare 2008 resolutions and some of the topic that i been keep in my todo list, lets just hope i m still have fresh memory on things that i would like to blog.

anyway l want to say one more time , lets hope 2008 rocks !

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