Nokia N800 Coming To Sg !

I blog about this gadget as my wish list of 2007 and reasons for buying it , i am struggle shall i order from US ? or waiting for it to release in singapore ? base on my contact, this gadgets will come to singapore but just don’t know when.

Finally 2 day ago, my brother send me a microsite from Hardwarezone , is Nokia N800 User Trial ! I can’t believe my eyes , which mean this gadget is here in singapore , now ! Checking on Nokia Singapore web site also found this . But looking at local forum, it seem like no one is talking about this yet.

I wonder how much are they going to sell this, checking on Amazon , you can get it around USD$350+ , include the shipment it should be below $700, the only concern is it international warranty or local only.

Nokia N800

Let me know if you manage to spot this in any local nokia shop!

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