8 Bookmarklets which i m using

If you are not a active web user , you might don’t know what is a bookmarklet , you might be surprise to see how come some of your geek friend is having some internet shortcut on their browser. Yes those little short cut on your web browser is call bookmarklet. On Firefox , there are a bookmarks toolbar that appear between your browsing content and your top navigation, this is a place to let you drop your bookmarklet.

You might find it interesting on this bookmarklets idea but not sure what bookmarklets you should/can use , to give you some ideas i m going to share what are the 8 bookmarklets on my browser.


  • Add to RMT – this is the bookmarklet for Remember The Milk , by click on this bookmarklet , i can add any task immediately to a particular list.
  • Delicious – this allow me to add the current site i m reading into my social bookmarks account with some tags – del.icio.us .
  • Read Later – my instapaper bookmarklet will save the current site i m reading into proper reading format ( without all the themes and ads ) and i can sync it to my ipod touch to read during my morning travel.
  • Evernote – the evernote web clip bookmarklets, it allow me to save the text i been selected , the web site url or the full page content into my evernote account.
  • Posterous – one of the latest popular microblogging service, original it only allow posting content by email, the bookmarklet is a latest feature , i been using to blog about my side project progress.
  • Tumblr – another popular micro blogging service, the bookmarklets allow you to posting your content with a few click, currenly using this to some personal micro blogging.
  • IMK – the quick blog bookmarklet for this blog , original i m using this to post aside on this blog, but i have stop using for a while because the aside plugin that i m using not compatible with latest  wordpress.
  • Readability – i have just blog about this yesterday , it helps for reading online, by just one click the content will be display in nice format to read.

If you think that bookmarklet is interesting and would like to find out more different kind of bookmarklet, you can try this bookmarklet directory.

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