Summary of my gadget & web service 2008

This going to be my self-review for 2008 part 3.

this is wha i write on my gadget page before, which is my “idealy” setup.

  • using iMac at home doing development
  • using N810 iphone/ipod touch as mobile device on the road
  • using a netbook for going around

Yes , i own all these now, sold my macbook pro this year and change it to iMac , getting a refurbished ipod touch as birthday present and bought a netbook recently, for 2009 the only thing i would like to change will be my mobile phone. G1 ? or iPhone ? or maybe the rumor iPhone nano ?

For web application/web service 2008, these are my favourite 12 service

  1. Gmail – being my main mail client, i like all the label, filtering and IMAP feature.
  2. Coogle Calendar – my major calendar servie, that let me plan my schedule, sync with my ical.
  3. Google Analytics – using it to keep track my blog stat.
  4. Google Reader – my favourite rss feed reader , now it sync with my ipod touch through byline for my daily morning travel.
  5. – still my favourite bookmark manager, can’t find any replacement.
  6. Facebook – my favourite social network service 2008, help me in sync with my friend and know what happen to them.
  7. Twitter – i post most of my thinking on plurk, twitter more like for me to see what other is talking.
  8. Plurk – micro blogging , if facebook is for me to in sync with my real life friend, the Plurk is more like for me to in sync with my virtual friend.
  9. Netvibes – it’s my start page for some time already, allow me to keep track a lots of thing inlcude my email, my blog comments and some tech news.
  10. Buxfer – i blog about this recently , it keep track my income and expenses.
  11. Remember The Milk – my GTD tools , todo list that remind me what i need to do
  12. Evernote – my notes apps, currently fill with a lots of notes that i need read

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