My Communication 2010

One of the biggest changes for 2010 is how I communicate with others, in term of the tools/applications that I used. I seldom on my pesonal IM ( Instant Messenger ) this year and I m more into Twitter and Facebook.I would say in stead of waiting for my IM to prompt and ask me something , how about Facebook me or Twitter Me ? that should be faster.

One of the great example is other then communicate with Tech person on Twitter, I recently start to communicate with my brother , his friend and my wife together on Twitter , some time we tweet about World of Warcraft, some time we discuss about ebook reader, I find that communicate in this way is much better then on IM.

  1. It allow everyone to join in conversation, some time I just rant about something and all your friend are join in to discuss the issue you have.
  2. It allow information sharing , example I saw my brother and his friend was tweet about Kobo , I give it a try and start to buy ebook from kobo too.
  3. It is not required real time respond like IM , we expect there is delay when we communicate on Twitter, When we discuss on IM, very often we are waiting for the reply and want the reply ASAP.

Another example now day when I want to know what happen recently of my friend, I just get into Facebook and check on their profile will do. There is no need to phone call and force the other party to answer the call ,without knowing hows their mood ? or trying to IM your friend , started the conversation and don’t know how to continue ?

So does these social network application change the way of your communication in 2010 ?

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