Review 2010

This is a bit out of my original post schedule , I have just rearrange some of the post topic and run out of topic for tonight , so I decided to do an early review for 2010 , instead of wait until 2011 like the past few year.

On myself.

  • The weight is out of control again, checking on my 2009 review seem like nearly 8 KG different , the good thing is I have start the engine and go to exercise again recently.
  • Arrange a whole family trip on March , glad that my parent enjoy the trip.
  • One of the goal this year is settle down and getting my house which seem like difficult to meet, lots of unexpected thing happen and the property price are continue hiking.
  • My brother finally settle down , ROM few month ago and getting married next year.
  • Start to attend some geek event, this year I went to WordCamp KL , Barcampjb and google devfest, sad that miss the Geekcamp.

On gadget

  • Getting both iDevice , iPhone + iPad to become iComplete this year.
  • Feel like getting the new iMac and Macbook Air, but I can’t.
  • My wife getting her new iMac , so I get to use her Macbook soon.

On Web Development & Hosting

  • I have switch to Linode for a year and like it , at least I have learned some of the system admin tips.
  • I got a few referrers for Linode, thanks for those joining Linode after visit my blog, it save me a few month fee.
  • No new project for public this year, although bought a few domain for it but failure to launch.
  • I have used Code Igniter to build an application for internal use.
  • Join the Woo Theme club and bought a few premium theme, perhaps 2011 is WordPress year ?
  • I have just paid a yearly subscription for Tutplus, so that I can learn more from it.

These are what I have in my mind, it really seem like nothing much done on 2010, guess I m taking a break, will be a busy year next year.

Some of my other review for 2010

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