Recover from long break

I been back to work since monday, but the momentum is not there yet , it’s like the engine didn’t start properly so the whole process didn’t run smoothly, it happen quite often after coming back from long break.

I have the similar situation after coming back from Xmas & year-end holidays, it might take weeks in order for me to get back into the ‘right position’ to continue work hard and as productivity as I can. I m thinking rather than taking a long break , i think a short break in between should be more work life balance , for the past few month, I been going through cycle like this :

  • rushing for few month
  • take a long break
  • then trying hard to get back to work
  • rushing for work again

Thinking of this I m a bit regret to book a holidays on March without consider all these factor, it’s a bit struggle while I trying to recover from the long break ( CNY ) and need to get into hyper mode to rush out the rest of work before I go on the March holidays. I guess i learn lesson from this.

Taking note here to remind myself, taking constant short break will be better then going through rushing-long_break-rushing again cycle.

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