Running Laravel 3 on PHP 5.5

If you just like me playing with Laravel since the old version, you might have some projects that are still running on Laravel 3 and if you try to debug it now day , one of the major problem is it does not compatible with PHP5.5 environment. You can either downgrade your environment or run multiple version PHP on your box, either way is troublesome, the solution should be fixed the Laravel 3 to make it compatible with PHP 5.5

I have note down which files need to be upgrade, but it seem like someone has release a commit for this. These are the files that need to be modified

  • laravel/blade.php
  • laravel/helpers.php
  • laravel/section.php

and you need to edit all your view file which are using yield function, mass replace yield to yield_template or any new function name you has been replaced on the above 3 files, this should be fixed.

Of course if there is budget, best will be upgrade it to the new shining Laravel 5, but for my case, the original client has left the company, it has replace with a new guy which is satisfy with what they have now, I just trying my best to maintain when they have any request.

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