Laravel Forge vs Server Pilot for WordPress Sites

I using both Laravel Forge and ServerPilot to manage all my sites, 90% of these sites are powered by WordPress. Currently I user ServerPilot to manage most of the WordPress site due to some performance test I did a long time ago.

Since the Linode SG DC release, I going to do some migration for my current setup, I revisit this performance test again and find out the issue, the problem is on Xdebug , once I remove Xdebug for Laravel Forge manage server, the performance is on par with the ServerPilot manage server.

Let’s do some comparison for this two service if you mainly deal with WordPress sites.


  • Laravel Forge is $10 per month
  • Server Pilot have free, $10 and $50 plan

Performance with ab -t 10 -c 10

  • Laravel Forge – Request per second: 22.14
  • Laravel Forge without Xdebug – Request per second: 64.92
  • ServerPilot – Request per second: 64.30

Features compare for what you get with $10 plan


  • Multiple version of PHP
  • Come with Apache, no need to worry about all the rewrite rules
  • Multi-user setup, every user will have their individual SFTP account and each app can assign to the user.
  • Real-time Analytics of system resources

Laravel Forge

  • Easy to setup HHVM
  • Redis / Memcache is installed
  • Unlimited server

My plan will be using ServerPilot to manage those smaller traffic site the client might need to access the site themself and using Laravel Forge for the bigger site that focus on performance.

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