Rework Labs Report April 2015

April was a good start for me,  although I still missed some of the goals, but lots of habits / smaller goal has been kicking start.

I get a lot more done compared to the past three month. I m still struggle to work on the weekend, but it seem like can’t avoid it, so I try my best to do limited work and put some my favourite work during the weekend.

For client work, the primary focus is the startup project and another membership project. I have completed three feature implementation for the startup project and spending lots of times fighting with Chinese text layout for the membership project. I must finished the membership project in May since it has been pending for too long.

For WordPress wise, there are tons of patch & upgrade during April, at the same time I was trying the counter the brute force login for some of the maintenance sites. It seem like a typical tactic once they know your site is WP based, the easiest way modified the whole login path; Another way is using plugin that will lock the IP once it detects too many failed login.

I try out these on April

  • Launch the new version of Rework Labs, there are some content still need populate.
  • Try out different audit log plugin for WordPress, will be stuck in Stream for now.
  • Try out updraft backup plugin with MainWP, don’t think will be using it.
  • Start to explore Cloudflare after seeing lots of review, still monitoring the performance.
  • Start to install Linode Longview on multiple server to monitor server performance.
  • Back to Trello planning and love it.

Looking forward to May for a new project launch.

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