My Freelance Career 2013

Finally the 3rd year has end ,I almost forgot that I been writing this career review on 2011 and 2012,  I think every business the most difficult part is the first 3 year , I m glad that I have go through it and ready to kick of my 4th year.

It was quite a stressful year, I have bad start for the first 6 month , not many incoming job and the market seem like quiet , but the turning point start from July, 60% of the sales is coming after July. I also start to facing some of the worst customer this year , it really are eye-opening experience that you won’t believe there are people out there doing work like this.

Compare to last year , there are like 20% increase on revenue , all based on freelancing , I m still struggle to launch my own product and selling my script. I do manage to release something open source, at least that goal has been completed this year.

Just like last year I m looking forward for 2014 to build my product , having personal project and if possible expanding the businesses.



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