10 things about Rework Labs 2014

4 Year ago, I started Rework Labs, today is my business birthday and starting of the 5th year as a sole proprietor. In order to celebrate of this, I m doing a review of 10 important things of Rework Labs in 2014.

  1. Total revenue is only 7% increase, but consider I have taken quite a long break for my little one, I think is still an ok result.
  2. 22% of the revenue has goes to freelancers that I hired , I have mixed experience for getting freelancer help.
  3. I feel good with team-mate but I don’t handle well for team-mate that under perform.
  4. Another long project which I start since I working freelance end, it’s been way too long and it doesn’t justify the resources I spend.
  5. Completed a project for online submission contest that involved around $40k paypal transaction.
  6. Working on a startup’s MVP.
  7. Completed 4 e-commerce project , all using woocommerce.
  8. Most unique project is working on a membership system for a temple that doing funeral arrangements.
  9. One of the highest traffic project is having 130k page view per month.
  10. The first more than $1k payment I start to received after July, it does make me stress for a few month.

This summarize what happen for Rework Labs on 2014, hopefully great year ahead and transform into a product company.

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