My favourite web services 2014

It’s a bit funny that still review 2014 at this time , but the ideas suddenly pop up that i would like to record down the web services I been using in 2014, the last time I did was in 2010.

so here’s the list , lots of them is web services as core with multi platform sync.

  1. Gmail – I still using it as my primary mail service for both personal and work, although I have a Fastmail account. I use Airmail to sync it on my Mac.
  2. Evernote – I just renew the premium , Evernote has been continuing improve and I unable to follow all the latest changes, but I using heavily for anything I need to note down.
  3. Sunrise Calendar , I m still using Google Calendar for appointment, but now I will feed all my ical feed to Sunrise, it allow fetch ical from multiple services that I m using , so it has been my favourite calendar services/app 2014.
  4. Todoist  – I use Todoist before when it first launch, but didn’t stay for long, but this year I been pretty much in love with it and use it for all my tasks, the Karma feature did some how encourage me to check off those task from my list.
  5. Asana –   Project management that I use for my team , it’s serve my team pretty well and I normally port task that assigned to me over Todoist through Zapier.
  6. Trello – I use this at the beginning for project management , but switch over to Asana after find it there is no overview across different projects, but I still remaining using it for brain storming and tracking some goal.
  7. Laravel Forge & Server Pilot  –  this 2 has been help me a lot for server deployment, I use forge for Laravel based app and Server Pilot for WordPress based app.
  8. Digital Ocean & Linode – my only choices for VPS , anything need to be in Singapore, I will be using DO, anything outside of Singapore, I will be using Linode.
  9. Feedbin – my rss reader, although most of the time I m using Reeder on mac to sync all the feed, but can’t deny it all based on the Feedbin running well at the backend.
  10. Github – for all my code repo , but I still find it expensive to go for bigger plan or organization plan , might be go to Gitlab this year.
  11. Screenhero – my favourite tools to communicate with clients & team, it allow me to show them the website feature or they can report the bug by demo to me, base on my usage, I would hope that it can be 50% cheaper.
  12. Slack – my favourite tools for internal communication , but since my team is small, some time it looks a bit meaningless to use this to communicate, but it serve another purpose that consolidate all kind of info from different services to me.


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