Linode vs Digital Ocean in Singapore soon

It started from this tweet. Linode’s singapore data center launching soon, so it’s going to be Linode vs Digital Ocean for the cloud VPS market in Singapore.

I been a long time Linode user and I love using Linode , but 70% of my monthly charge are going to Digital Ocean for one reason , Digital Ocean have Singapore data center. Most of my clients are based in Singapore and some of my client are target on Malaysia, so that’s pretty much explain my choice of Digital Ocean.

Soon both will be available for Singapore data center, let’s do a feature comparison between Linode vs Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean


  • no billing bandwidth currently  –
  • one button install app , the one button install Gitlab is my favourite –
  • can pay by paypal
  • SSH key deploy when launch new node


  • better value if you want instance that more than 2GB ram
  • the SSD performance is way better on Linode
  • various interesting add-on like node balancer and longview –
  • Although there is bandwidth limit for each for your instance, but you are allowed to share the bandwidth between your instances.

I will be migrate all my DO production droplet over to Linode, once Linode start to offer Singapore as a choice, so that I can consolidate all my hosting under one roof. There is another interesting company call Vultr  , just wonder will they expand to Singapore too.

If you plan to signup any of these service, please use my referral link

for Linode – link

for DO – link

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