Goodbye Remember The Milk , Hello The Hit List

I m a remember the milk pro account user , my account is going to expired tomorrow and i m not going to renew it.

This is not related to Remember The Milk at all , it does serve me well , having a nice and clean interface , google gear supported for offline todo and a great iphone apps that accompany my every morning lonely trip and the only thing it lack of  , might be a desktop client.

Since rtm serve me well , why am i still changing ?

  • I feel like trying something new
  • I would like to have a desktop client
  • I got The Hit List free as part of my macheist bundle purchase
  • I heard that The Hit List iphone apps is in process
  • $25 per year vs once off application fee

because of all these reason, i have decided not to renew my rtm account and migrated all my task over to The Hit List and i will be still using rtm for some quick work. Let’s hope The Hit List can help me to be more organize and please release the iphone apps A.S.A.P. thanks !


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