I bought macheist 3 bundle, did you ?

So finally after few mind of puzzle , macheist finally reveal , check out the reveal show and yes i like female agent that explain the mission :P. So before the bundle , what i guessing and wish to get is eventbox, little snapper. In the end we got the eventbox for free and little snapper is the bundle and the bundle price is cheaper then last year.

Since i got solved the puzzle , i only need to pay $31 for the bundle, which is quite a good deal, in case you don’t know little snapper for it’s own is already $39 and what you purchase part of it will be donate to charity and last you might be getting espresso which cost $79. I have bought the bundle this morning before it over the first 2500 bundles, in order to get the board game – Big Bang Board Games , i didn’t wait for getting more people to refer because i think the both referrer applicaiton doesn’t looks interesting.

Get it now if you haven’t, a really good deal for mac user.


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