Fixed WordPress 2.0 Trackback Issue

Wah ! this is my first post to ping pps, after i upgrade to wordpress2.0 few day ago ..

I been having problem to trackback after i upgrade to wordpress 2 RC3, even the final version release can’t fix the problem

  • if you upgrade your db from 1.5.2 to 2.0
  • unable to trackback, no matter what you publish the trackback url remain at the trackback field

if your situation match the above point, here are the solution that i want to share with you after i dig table by table, code by code , field by field

this problem is because of to_ping field contain some char ( including space, tab which represent by \n\r ), run this sql command under your phpmyadmin Update ‘wp-posts’ set to_ping=”

after this should be able to trackback already, i believe the wordpress dev team change hows the original trackback work, thats explain why there are no problem during 1.5.2 but cause some problem in 2.0, i think they should include this in the upgrade script

Share it with your friends, thanks !
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  • Knight

    Rajan ,

    just to make sure what you type is
    Update `wp-posts’ set to_ping=(single quote twice) ?

  • boringest

    you can also leave out the ‘ for the wp_posts so it becomes like this:

    update wp-posts set to_ping=''

  • Knight

    if i not wrong backquote need to put to show that is a table

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  • Knight

    Rajan by default should be wp-posts, sorry for my mistake
    it this work for you ?

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  • Knight

    Rajan glad that help you

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  • Patriarch Anthony I

    It should be:

    UPDATE wp_posts SET to_ping = ”

    In newer versions of mysql and phpmyadmin it needs to have the table minus the quotes.

  • John


    I ran the script and it did clear out the to_ping column but my trackbacks still don’t work. It just stays there after I publish.

    I saw that there is a patch on PiperL’s blog, but I was unable to open it with WinZip. Do you have any suggestions?

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  • Hi John,

    did you try to setup a fresh wp2.0 to test the trackback ? see can the trackback work on fresh setup.

  • Sashi

    Thanks for the tip, Knight – the SQL code worked and I could send a ping to PPS. But I tried sending a trackback to your post, and it’s not showing. Did the trackback come through?

  • Knight

    Sashi , sorry for that , your trackback been mark as spam by my spamkarma .. hehe recover it now

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  • The fix doesn’t work for me, but we’ve finally found the core root of the problem. Quoting from the WordPress Dev Trac:

    PHP as CGI (on Site5 at least) has a limited socket stacking capability. fsockopen to a local url works fine until the called script sends output, at which time the script dies.

    I’ve confirmed this with my webhost too. There was a reason why the trackbacks were upgraded. I can’t recall why. I think it has something to do with faster pingback and trackbacks. Oh well, guess we didn’t see that coming.

  • Knight

    haha ok, hhhhmmmm but i thought i saw some recent review say that site5 is not that good compare to last time ..

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  • Is this still an issue for WP 2.1.3? My pings don’t seem to work anymore for PPS

  • Knight

    i don’t think so , this has been fixed long long time ago