Getting my iMac

Yeah, i have just place my order, until now i still can feel that all my blood is shooting up to my head, i been struggle for some time to get a refurbished iMac to replace my macbook pro , but which model to choose is one of my biggest problem.

24 inch 2.4Ghz or 20 inch 2.4Ghz ? one of the main reason i switch over to iMac is to have a bigger screen, but for this 2 model, the refurbished price different is about $400 , is enough for you to get another 22 inch LCD ( DELL ). On the other site the 24inch 2.8 Ghz Extreme is another killer , compare to retail price is nearly $1000 different , argh !

Not sure how many time i been stop the shopping check out page, but in the end i have decided to take the cheapest 20 inch, the extra $$ that i save should be able to use it in some other way , maybe get a ipod touch ?p/s anyone interested to buy the refurbished macbook pro from me ? the Geforce graphics card model , still got 6 month apple care.

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