Mac Style Windows By Freeware

How many of you like the mac interface but been tie down by windows ? this entry is going to share how to make your deskstop looks Mac style by Freeware.

What we need ?

  • FlyakiteOSX – for the theme
  • RK Launcher – for the dock
  • Konfabulator – for the widget

So download the program from FlyakiteOSX and install, the installation is nothing special but take note that the skin for MSN messager is not working for MSN messager final, if you install your msn might be unable to open ( ya ya i did ) . during installation , it will ask for extra option, for dock part , of course RK Launcher will be the best choice compare to the stardock commercial software. Since then theme and the dock is there already, we need the widget, Konfabulator is free now, thx for yahoo, you can just install it and grab any widget you like ..

da da da .. a Mac Style Windows appear 

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