IM2 – Another IM

Recently read on an article about how to save your memory, that article mention a lot of software to replacement which having same function but consume less memory, example using AVG to replace norton antivirus … ( i was trying to take out that material while i blog this .. but damn i forget when i saw this .. maybe when i found this article i will list out all the replacement )

so IM2 is the program that suggest to replace those msn messager/ICQ/AOL. There are trillian ( Commercial ) &
Gaim ( Open Source) which having same feature. The main feature will be allow you to use your icq,msn,aol,yahoo on one IM.

i try this 3 program before, i would say IM2 seem not much different with other .. but it seem like it really consume less memory ( not sure compare to gaim ) for those memory_not_enough user, this might be a good option

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